Bridge Guarantee Program

Accion's Bridge Guarantee Program (“Bridge Guarantee”) helps microfinance institutions (MFIs) all over the world grow, reach meaningful scale, and become financially sustainable. Using loans from socially responsible investors, the Bridge Guarantee provide MFIs with guarantees to access local bank lines of credit or to issue debt instruments necessary to finance their loan portfolio growth. In this sense, the Bridge Guarantee offers an investment opportunity with dual return (social and financial) for socially responsible investors who are interested in helping to support Accion’s vision of building a financially inclusive world.

Accion has been providing loan guarantees to MFIs for three decades, initially focusing on Latin America, and then expanding into Asia and Africa, as part of its global expansion. Accion is an innovator in financial access, developing many of the best practices and emerging standards in the industry. Accion works closely with guarantee recipients to build capacity, provide diversified high-quality financial services, and become financially sustainable, meeting the highest standards in responsible finance. The latter is in line with Accion’s social mission and focus on serving socially and economically vulnerable market segments.


Interested in becoming a Bridge Guarantee lender?

Loans made to the Bridge Guarantee must be for a minimum of U.S. $2,000 and for a term of at least 18 months. Maximum loan amounts and terms are unrestricted. Lenders may select an interest rate from the ranges listed below (based on the amount and term of the loan). To the extent that our lenders select interest rates below the maximum rates offered, the Bridge Guarantee is able to pass on this lower cost to guarantee recipients. Interest payments are made semi-annually in June and December. Rates for loans greater than U.S. $100,000 with tenor longer than five years are negotiated separately.







18 months

0%–0.20% 0%–0.30% 0%–0.40% 0%–0.55%

19 months to 3 years

0%–0.75% 0%–1.25% 0%–1.45% 0%–1.60%

3 years to 5 years

0%–1.25% 0%–1.55% 0%–1.75% 0%–2.00%


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