Channels & Technology

Accion’s Channels & Technology group seeks to leverage innovative channels and digital technologies to advance financial inclusion in a sustainable and effective manner.

The group provides advisory services to Financial Institutions serving the base of the pyramid, and early and growth stage Fintech companies, helping them scale sustainably and serve customers more efficiently. To that end, we help clients plan, implement, scale and enhance technologies and models that can reduce bottlenecks which prevent the growth and scaling of financial services.

We work with organizations in emerging markets across Latin America, Africa and Asia. We have experience on a variety of solutions, and particular expertise in digital financial services, such as mobile and agent banking. Drawing on best practices from years of combined experience and engagements, we have developed a Channels Methodology with customized tools to guide clients through each step of strategy, planning, and deployment. We contribute to industry development through case study work and research, knowledge sharing, as well as training and capacity building through partnerships.

The team gets excited to see impact from trending solutions and is focusing on digital financial services, core technology innovations, data analytics and online platforms.

Featured Work

Channels Methodology

Stemming from decades of experience implementing digital financial services, Accion’s Channels & Technology team has created a methodology which they use to ensure that best practices and critical steps are included in every project. Our methodology is designed to help Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) properly plan, pilot, roll-out, and operate scalable and effective digital delivery channels. The methodology provides best practices, key activities, tools, and components that should be in place in order to allow digital financial services to thrive and scale. The methodology is iterative, facilitating continuous improvements as monitoring and evaluation insights inform necessary adjustments. The methodology can be used for existing channels as a way to revisit certain steps and diagnose areas for improvement.

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Our Partners

This is a sample of some of our current projects. Download our information sheet for a full listing of our projects and partners.



Swadhaar FinServe

Swaddhaar FinServe's Logo

Swadhaar FinServe is Accion’s partner in Mumbai, India, where we helped implement a strong core banking system and streamline and expand adoption of a mobile banking solution in partnership with India’s leading telecommunications provider, Airtel. Swadhaar clients can now conveniently perform a variety of financial transactions through their mobile phone, including loan repayments, domestic remittances, and utility payments. We continue to play a key role in supporting Swadhaar’s process optimization, partner relations, and customer education and integration. We also provide strategic advice for resolving issues and testing innovations. As a result, a total of 14,000 women were taught how to use mobile money and perform financial transactions.


Banco Pichincha

Banco Pichincha Logo

Banco Pichincha is one of the oldest banks in Ecuador. We have been working with them since 2011 to develop their agent network channel. We began by conducting a detailed analysis of the different models for implementing an agent network and then designed and implemented the strategy for selecting, monitoring, and incentivizing agents, which included the rollout of digital field applications to monitor the agent network. Banco Pichincha currently has more than 15,000 agents that cover Ecuador’s vast geography. In 2014, we completed an agent network diagnostic, identifying risks and service gaps which had been limiting adoption. We then outlined a strategy and activity plan to improve the service, network structure, and apply best practices to drive successful expansion.


Akiba Commercial Bank

Akiba Commercial Bank Logo

Akiba Commercial Bank (ACB) is a full-service bank that serves working families and micro and small to medium enterprises (MSME) in the urban centers of Tanzania, such as Dar es Salaam. We have been working with ACB since 2010, helping them to build a strong ICT and mobile banking platform that, in partnership with an interoperable platform provider, will allow the bank to offer its services nationwide. ACB clients who have adopted the bank’s mobile technology have expressed their satisfaction with the convenient and affordable ways to transact, which include making deposits and loan payments, checking balances, and moving money between their accounts and mobile wallets. We are also assisting in the rollout of a biometric solution to provide even more convenience and security to clients.

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