Training and Capacity Building

We strengthen the microfinance industry through the development and training of microfinance professionals around the world.

Accion Training and Capacity Building (TCB) builds and strengthens the managerial and technical skills of key industry professionals through interactive programs that incorporate cross-regional, peer-to-peer learning experiences and a blend of learning mediums. Since 2012, we have trained more than 8,500 individuals in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and continue to reach more each day.

TCB has developed a variety of programs, tools, and resources to help microfinance and financial institutions meet the key challenges they face.

Our Approach

TCB facilitates global knowledge exchange around industry standards, trends, and innovations across Accion and our partners with a wide range of program offerings. We offer:

  • Engaging, high quality materials that incorporate actual operational examples and relevant case studies

  • A blend of learning mediums and tools (virtual and classroom) that encourage interaction and promote knowledge exchange

  • Highly qualified trainers and facilitators with a deep knowledge of best practices and innovations in the field

  • Frameworks to capture and share best practices and lessons learned