Ecuador’s dependence on petroleum reserves and remittances has made the country especially vulnerable to fluctuations in the global economy. For the economically active population, many who are small business owners or are self-employed, exclusion from traditional financial services has compounded this vulnerability. We're working with partners in the country to expand access to these services.

For nearly 20 years, Accion has been supporting both the establishment of microcredit divisions in commercial banks in the country as well as the expansion of existing microfinance institutions. We currently work with two microfinance institutions in Ecuador: Banco Solidario and Credife.

Accion has worked with Banco Solidario, founded in Quito in 1995, on the development of new products and services, including home improvement loans, lines of credit, savings and rural credit. Accion and Banco Solidario have also collaborated in the areas of risk management, credit scoring and client service in order to support Banco Solidario’s expansion throughout the country.

In 1998, Banco del Pichincha enlisted Accion to help create the microcredit division of their bank. The resulting program, Credife, launched operations in 1999. Formerly a shareholder in the institution, Accion continues to play a strategic role in the organization and provide technical assistance to support the development of new products and services.

In addition to our microfinance services, we also work with a variety of partners to deliver our award-winning "Dialogue on Business" training program for microentrepreneurs throughout the country.

En el Ecuador, trabajamos en una variedad de sectores:

Servicios de microfinanzas

Acción apoya a sus socios Banco Solidario y Pichincha Microfinanzas mediante servicios de gestión y asistencia técnica, inversiones y orientación estratégica.
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Educación del cliente

Hemos trabajado en estrecha colaboración con socios en todo el Ecuador para presentar nuestro galardonado programa de capacitación, “Diálogo de Gestiones”, a más de 70.000 microempresarios.
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