Frontier Investments Group

Frontier Inclusion Fund

Accion is creating and sponsoring a global fintech fund for the base of the pyramid. This fund will invest in innovative financial technology and services startups that promote inclusive finance for the two billion people around the world who lack access to savings accounts, checking, insurance, credit, and other basic financial services. 

Despite this pronounced need, reaching the world’s financially excluded has never been easier: nearly 85% of the world’s population has mobile phones, which cuts down on operational expenses and allows financial service providers to reach new markets better, faster, and cheaper than ever before. Other technological trends, including biometrics, big data, and alternative data are changing the ways that we can safely and responsibly deliver financial services – even to those who have never used them before. The growing purchasing power at the base of the pyramid, current market demand, and the potential to affect positive social change have motivated Accion and Frontier Investments Group to create this fund; these same reasons have convinced a number of private investors to support this new initiative.  

Accion has always pursued ‘double-bottom line’ investing, where our impact investments create positive economic and social returns. This fund results from that belief. We hope that the fund will help channel more attention, resources, and energy to promote financial inclusion, and ultimately help more people around the world access, use, and benefit from financial services.

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