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  • Making guitars in Paraguay

    The Borja family is known in Luque, Paraguay, for their handmade instruments. Before coming to Fundación Paraguaya, guitar-maker Aníbal Borja had always worked for other people. Now, with the help of a loan, he's started his own shop, makes his own hours, and even opened an instrument-making school with his daughter.

  • Strengthening Nigeria's Schools

    Bolafade Primary School in Lagos, Nigeria, started out small, but thanks to founder Monsurat Thomas's hard work and support from Accion Microfinance Bank, today the school educates nearly 500 students between the ages of 1½ and 10.

  • Accion in India: A Ray of Hope

    Learn about Accion's work in India with Swadhaar, an MFI providing loans to local entrepreneurs.

  • Avanza: Microloan Processing Made Easier

    Avanza is Accion's pilot program to make microlending a much more cost-effective service for clients and institutions alike. Working with our Colombian partner, Finamérica, Avanza uses mobile teams of loan officers and a risk-adjusted approach to reach, enroll, and process loan applications.

  • Spotlight on China

    Learn about Accion's work in China and meet a unique entrepreneur that is keeping musical traditions alive with the help of Accion Microcredit China.

  • Business Training for Microentrepreneurs

    This report comes from Kerala, India, where Accion is educating clients in basic business skills through its Dialogue on Business program.

  • "Microfinance Minutes" - Creating Value for Clients

    Kurt Koenigsfest, General Manager of Accion partner BancoSol in Bolivia, on the importance of trust in microfinance.

  • "Microfinance Minutes" - The Challenge of Financial Inclusion

    Accion is working to build a financially inclusive world. Find out more about our plans for getting there.

  • "Microfinance Minutes" - Biometric Banking

    Noting the many challenges faced by microentrepreneurs, Esteban Altschul, Accion’s Chief Operating Officer, highlights a new technology being rolled out to bring the bank to the client.