EB-Accion Savings and Loans

EB-Accion Savings and Loans was created as a result of a unique microfinance partnership between Accion and West Africa’s leading regional bank, Ecobank. It currently operates in Accra, Ghana and offers microfinance services – including loans, savings accounts and remittances products – to merchants, manufacturers and other microentrepreneurs to help them develop their businesses.

Key Indicators as of December 2014
Active Borrowers: 11,592
Average Loan: $826
Amount Loaned: $18,783,000
Active Savers: 101,957
Active Portfolio: $9,574,000
Saving Balance: $7,956,000


In 2006, Accion entered into an agreement with Ecobank (the leading independent regional bank in Africa)to create microfinance institutions through which to offer financial services to low-income entrepreneurs in West and Central Africa. As part of the agreement, Accion would contribute technical expertise and leadership in the microfinance sector, while Ecobank would offer the opportunity to leverage its infrastructure and extensive network of banks to help standardize and deliver high-quality financial services.

At the end of 2006, Ecobank and Accion launched EB-Accion Savings and Loans Company in Ghana. The entity received its license from the Bank of Ghana in 2008 and commenced lending the same month at two branches in the markets of Tudu and Abeka Lapaz.

Since launching lending operations, EB-Accion Savings and Loans has experienced significant growth, now serving clients through a network of branches and  satellite kiosks. EB-Accion provides clients with access to credit and savings as well as debit cards for use across the country. In particular, EB-Accion has successfully launched a diverse suite of savings products to meet a variety of its clients' needs. Accion helped conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative market research to determine clients’ savings needs and demand, which has contributed to the success of the deposit portfolio’s initial growth. Accion provided extensive support to Ecobank in preparation for the launch of EB-Accion Savings and Loans, including training for loan officers, credit methodology and branch operations.


EB-Accion Savings and Loans Company, Ltd.

PMB CT 127, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana
Tel:+233 21 782750-51
Fax:+233 21 782755


Website: www.eb-accion.com