Finsol is dedicated to promoting Honduras’ development by providing high-quality, ethical and transparent financial services. Finsol seeks to be the country’s leader microfinance provider with the highest performance indicators in the industry.

Key Indicators as of December 2014
Active Borrowers: 9,350
Average Loan: $4,298
Amount Loaned: $21,990,000
Active Savers: 42,094
Active Portfolio: $40,185,000
Saving Balance: $17,575,000


In June 1999, a group of private investors established Finsol as Honduras' first private microfinance institution. The microlending portfolio of FUNADEH, a Honduran nonprofit, was transferred to the newly created Finsol. Accion assisted Finsol through this transition by deploying a resident advisor focused on making improvements to the young institution’s credit methodology.

Finsol is currently an active member of the Red Accion (Accion network), the organization that brings together the world’s leading microfinance institutions to collaboratively strengthen the microfinance industry.


Bo. El Centro, 5 Ave., 1-2 Calle, N.O., San Pedro Sula, Cortés, Honduras
Tel:+504 2553-7101
Fax:+504 2550-8322