Saija Finance Private Limited

Key Indicators as of December 2014
Active Borrowers: 70,042
Average Loan: $172
Amount Loaned: $14,617,000
Active Portfolio: $12,069,000


Saija Finance Private Limited is a Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) formed in April 2008, which focuses on providing credit services to micro entrepreneurs, low- and middle-income families in the Indian state of Bihar, India’s poorest and most underserved region. The main recipients of Saija’s loans are women clients operating primarily home-based businesses and clients from the trading, services and manufacturing sectors with an average of 4-5 years of business experience.

Accion is providing management services and technical assistance to Saija as a part of its agreement to support the scale up of microfinance operations directed toward the entrepreneurial poor in India. Two of the senior management team of Saija are staff deputed by Accion. Accion is assisting in the design, execution and follow-up of a program which uses best-practice microfinance methodologies to deliver credit (group and individual loans) and non-credit financial services. Accion has also offered assistance in the application of procedures, mechanisms and strategies directed at increasing the efficacy and efficiency of this program.

Accion provides capacity building support and technical assistance to Saija through the secondment of the Commercial Head and Operations Head and a team of technical assistance providers. Accion holds a 40.61% stake in Saija and holds two seats on the board.


Saija Finance Private Limited
3rd Floor, Uma Complex, Fraser Road, Patna, Bihar, India - 800 001
Tel:  + 91 (612) 2332009