Our Supporters

Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting our partners in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Peru to introduce new savings products for vulnerable populations.

Citi Logo

Citi has been supporting us since our early days, helping Accion to fuel innovation in financial services and strengthening the microfinance industry worldwide. More recently, Citi is the lead partner of the Financial Inclusion 2020 project, which aims to mobilize stakeholders around the world to work collaboratively toward making full financial inclusion a reality by 2020.

Credit Suisse Logo

Credit Suisse is the founding partner of the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion. The Credit Suisse Group Foundation looks to its philanthropic partners to foster research, innovation and constructive dialogue in order to spread best practices and develop new solutions for financial inclusion. Credit Suisse has also funded the establishment of Accion's Global Training Centers.

Deutsche Bank Logo

The Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation is a major supporter of the Smart Campaign, a global effort to unite microfinance leaders around a common goal: to keep clients as the driving force of the industry.

FMO Entrepeneurial Development Bank Logo

FMO is supporting Accion partner Financiera FAMA in Nicaragua to help it build institutional capacity as well as strengthen operational and commercial processes.


Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation has provided leading support for The Smart Campaign, a global campaign committed to embedding client protection practices into the institutional culture and operations of the microfinance industry.



The Inter-American Development Bank has partnered with Accion to support the development of our Rural Microfinance Program, which seeks to better understand the needs of the rural poor in Latin America and create products and services to meet their needs. The IDB has also supported the Smart Campaign's Client Protection Certification Program, which publicly recognizes financial institutions that meet adequate standards of care in how they treat clients.

International Finance Corporation Logo

The International Finance Corporation has provided generous support for Accion's management services and technical assistance with microfinance partners across Africa and Asia, including support for the Smart Campaign.


MasterCard Foundation Logo

The MasterCard Foundation has provided support for Accion’s work in a variety of areas, including scholarships for qualified microfinance leaders to attend the Harvard Business School-Accion Program on Strategic Leadership. The Foundation has also provided general support for the Smart Campaign and numerous other efforts to strengthen the microfinance industry worldwide.

UPS logo

The UPS Foundation has provided ongoing support to Accion, enabling us to strengthen microfinance institutions and expand access to financial services around the world.

Visa Logo

Visa has generously supported Accion’s work providing financial education courses to vulnerable populations around the world. Visa has also led the way in supporting innovative efforts to develop new technologies that can expand the reach of financial services while reducing the costs of transactions.